Capture your audience with video content that engages and inspires

Nothing can communicate your message more powerfully or dynamically than audio visual media and with internet connection speeds getting faster, more companies are adopting digital video to communicate their marketing messages online.

Digital video can capture events and distribute them to a much wider audience than is possible in a live situation and on-demand streaming can deliver your messages to your market over and over again.

“CoffeehouseDigital created a video demonstration as part of a bid we were building. It was spectacularly good in clearly showing the advantages of the Volantis product and helped us to win the business.

They’re also very responsive and speedy. We set up the shoot in a couple of days, spent half a day filming and after a couple of days of editing the video came back perfect.”

Chris Smith
VP Telco Business Unit


What we can do for you

Customer Reference Videos

Don’t let your prospects take your word for it

Customer testimonials are a powerful way to establish your credibility and can be one of the most impactful elements in your sales toolkit. Hearing your clients telling their success stories with your products and services in their own words can instil confidence in your prospects and shorten your sales cycle.

Customer videos can be very cost effective and you can maximise your spend by getting several clients together at an event or customer day to ensure a good number of videos for your website and presentations.

Demo Videos

Your product in action

Showcasing your products and services via video allows your prospects to understand the value and benefits of what you do quicker and more effectively than bullet-points. Online product demo videos can bring your product to life and boost conversion rates and can be used in offline situations supporting face-to-face sales presentations.

If you’re looking to create an online promo or step-by-step eLearning course, CoffeehouseDigital can help you at all stages of production – from script development and planning, 3D animated graphics, voiceover, through to social media marketing.

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