CoffeehouseDigital started life in 2000 as the graphic design and production department of a specialist marketing agency working with global tech companies. With a strong background in customer-focused video sales tools, CoffeehouseDigital developed its capabilities and capacity over several years to become a fully-fledged design agency in its own right, becoming an independent company in 2007.

The company is now led by Simon Alison who has been working in project design and development for over 20 years with experience in managing online and offline projects for small companies and global enterprises. Simon takes pride in his ability to interpret a client brief with flare and innovation and his long-established team of multi-skilled designers and developers.

How We Work


We take the time to talk to you, find out how you work, who your audience is and what your objectives are.

Once we’re all happy that everyone’s on the same page and have mapped out the project from start to finish, we start on designs.


The design process is iterative and we will involve you in making decisions along the way by providing preliminary designs and process maps. We won’t create any layouts or write a single line of code until you’re happy that the design ideas fulfil the brief.



Prior to launch we’ll provide you with access to a staging version of your project to you can be sure that we’ve rigorously tested it against standards.

Once your project is live, we will always be standing by and can provide ongoing support for the full lifetime of your site.